This is an abstract strategy board game what won excellence award of “Game Market Award 2019” in Japan.
You can experience super high speed brain battle!!

– You win when you put all your color chips.
– You must play both “Move Pawn” & “Move Stone” in your turn.
– The pawn must run to the end of the way.
– You put your color chips on your pawn route.
– The stone moves to next hex.
– If there is something in the hex in which the stone moves, swap it with the stone.

All game rules are only these.
The rules are very simple and easy to play.

Game Rule

Game Rule is same as the board game version except time limit.
See more detail at the page of the boar game version.

Function Introduction

Game with COM (Local)

You can play normal size board or mini size board.
You can play with time limit or not.
Play the game with your favorite settings!

You can play this mode with below settings.
 ・Network : OFF
 ・Player Num : 1

Game with 2 players (Local)

You can play 2 players on 1 device.
This game is ideal for traveling companions since you can play anywhere and any time.

You can play this mode with below settings.
 ・Network : OFF
 ・Player Num : 2

Online Game

Coming soon!

Playback game record

Coming soon!

Check your game data

Coming soon!

Screen Explain

Main Menu

①Toggle the game board size (Normal / Small)
②Toggle network game (ON / OFF)
③Toggle initial placement type (A / B)
④Toggle the number of players (1P / 2P)
⑤Toggle time limit (ON / OFF)
⑥View of current selected board size and initial placement type
⑦Start a game with current settings
⑧Option Menu
⑨Link to the site (this page)
⑩Shop (Coming soon!)

Option Menu

①Toggle BGM (ON / OFF)
②Toggle SE (ON / OFF)
③Close this menu when you tap outside of this menu window

Game Main

①Your player name
②Your remain time
③your remain chips
④Opponent player name
⑤Opponent remain time
⑥Opponent remain chips
⑦Blink of which player is current player
⑧Menu in game

Menu in game

①Restart from beggining
②Continue the game
③Back to Main Menu
④Close this menu